Boys Varsity Football · Nyland Green Nominated for the USA TODAY High School Sports Awards

Nyland Green has been nominated for the USA TODAY High School Sports Awards, honoring the best Atlanta-area high school athletes, premiering online at 6 p.m. on June 18, 2020. The show will be available to watch, free of charge, on the following website at that time using any desktop or smart device.  Please see the following link–96yUYebU7RcoOrB1CM3YJ7vcH8icJPbh8MgthM6Ut_4XN1bzlkXKm3DIpdcPb1VsFWLMV62RKmwzEawy03VBe_eM-I5rymqPM3YfnoEdqR3FwF_I&utm_content=88337428&utm_source=hs_email