Rams News · Newton Returns to Sports Conditioning on June 15th

Newton Rams Athletics Plan for safe return to speed and agility condition training will begin on Monday 6/15. 

We will follow guidelines set by our Governor, GHSA, NCSS and NHS for safer return to exercise facilities.

Key Information for the return plan includes the following:

Our training staff will have an Infectious Disease Prevention Plan installed prior to our return on June……...  
All athletes and staff will be screened in a designated area (set by training staff) before being allowed to participate.                  

Screening will include:

o Temperature Checks (non-contact thermometer) & documentation
o Screening Questions set by GHSA and local agencies
Signage will be posted on site with the following:
o Do you or have you had a fever in the last week?
o Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?
o Have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19?
o Have you traveled to a “hot spot” for COVID-19?
Limiting our training groups to 18-19 players with 1-2 coaches.  Groups will stay constant for each session to limit the risk of exposure. Groups will be not be bigger than 20 people including coaches.
Only one training group will be on campus at NHS at any given time.
Weight equipment will be cleaned prior to each workout and sanitized between uses of each athlete.
All showers & locker rooms will be closed and locked down.  Athletes should report to the facility dressed to condition and shower at home.
Hand Sanitizer will be plentiful and readily available.
All workouts must be conducted outside, the use of the indoor facilities are prohibited
Each athlete MUST PROVIDE HIS/HER OWN WATER.  There will be no use of water fountains or “water cows”. (extra water will be provided)
Social distancing guidelines will be adhered to and masks/face covering is recommended when applicable.
At least 15 minutes will be allotted between workouts to allow for disinfecting the facility and equipment. (see team group schedule)
There will be NO competition between schools
NO VISITORS will be allowed at conditioning sessions.



Check in and Pick up Plan: (Student Athletes must remain with their groups until further notice)

1. All participants will check-in at the gym entrance, and be picked up by the baseball parking lot area. Coaches of the finished groups will monitor their student in order to ensure social distancing rules.  
a. Parents will not be allowed on campus or be able to get out of their cars during this process.  
b. Coaches of those groups are expected to provide supervision until every student is gone.

***Trainers, the Head Coach or AD will conduct student check is based on NCSS Guideline. Students must have a NCSS paperwork signed by parents in order to participate in workouts along with a physical on file. The head coach/AD will have printed sign in sheet with student names and their groups at the check in. These sign in sheets will be turned in to the AD. They along with the coaches will have a list of those students with physicals on file(Dragonfly).      

Pick-up and drop off Reminders:

1. No parents are allowed out of their cars. They can only drop off their children. Any communication needs with coaches must be done via email or phone call.
2. Students will use social distancing guidelines during pick up even in both the gymand outdoor workouts. Coaches will ensure this happens.
3. If a student has screened out during check in they will sit in front of the gym lobbyroom until their parent can pick them up. Trainers and group coaches will contact that student’s parents to inform them.    

Cell Phones:

1. We would like for students to not bring their cell phones to workouts. If a student has a cell phone it will be lock up by one of the coaches of their group in a cell phone carrier. Phones will be given back after each workout.

Facemask Requirement:

1. Student Athletes and Coaches are required to wear mask on to campus to check in. Mask are optional during work outs. They must be put back on the mask once students and coaches are in drop off areas for pick up. (Students and coaches must provide their own mask.)

Water Bottles, Consent Form, and Bathrooms:

1. Student Athletes are required to bring their own water bottle but no towels.
2. Consent form must be signed and turned in at the check in prior to workouts.
3.   Students working out will only be allowed to use the bathrooms in the baseball concession area for outdoor workouts.
4. Students working out in the gym/weight room will only be allowed to use the bathrooms near the training room.

****All rest rooms will be cleaned after every workout by our custodial staff. ****

Team Workout Dates in June (Outdoor Conditioning Only):

1. Check in: M-TH (Gym Outdoor Steps) 6am to 11am  
2. Football: M-TH
a. Groups will be campus from 6am to 12pm (Football Practice and Main Field)
b. Workout group times:
i. 6:00am to 6:45am (Coach Grant Screener)
ii. 7:00am to 7:45am (Coach Grant Screener)
iii. 8:00am to 8:45am (Coach Grant Screener)
iv. 9:00am to 9:45am (Byams Screener)
v. 10:00am to 10:45am (Byams Screener)
vi. 11:00am to 11:45am (Byams Screener)

(Check in time is 15min before workouts)

Essential Personal:

+++ Head Coaches will remain on campus to oversee rotations, troubleshoot, and serve as the direct line of contact to the AD should an emergency arise. (HC will not directly interact with groups other than their own).

+++ If there is a problem please call Vincent Byams at 770-787-2250 ext 5508.  The Assistant AD and AD must check all coaches and students in before work outs. They must also be in each workout to ensure safety. They will also be in charge of the weather plan and checking the heat index.

Cleaning Plan:

Each group will be provided hand sanitizer by the athletic department that will be held by the coaches.

Bathrooms will be cleaned after each work out by the custodial staff.

The weight room will be cleaned after every work out by coaches and players with cleaner provided by the custodial staff. At the end of the day the custodial staff will deep clean the athletic facility.

Cleaning Staff will be scheduled by the Head Custodian based on the workout schedules.

Each facility will have a table with the needed supplies for cleaning along with water coolers to refill student water bottles.    

Emergency Contact:

Athletic Director: Vincent Byams- (770-787-2250ext 5508)
o Student Services Director: Darren Berry- (770-787-1330ext 1203) if there is any emergency or any issues please call the Athletic Director first.