As we prepare for another season, this volleyball season will be different as we are in the midst of a pandemic. Thank you for your patience as we have tried to go the safest route to kick off this season. As we wish we could have had workouts before try-outs, please do not let that stop you from coming to tryouts. Yes, this season will be different but it will also be a time to grow on and off the court and bond with your teammates. We as a coaching staff are looking forward to a wonderful season!

PLEASE FILL OUT VOLLEYBALL TRYOUT FORM ASAP! We need to have an accurate count of how many players are expected to be in the gym at one time. CLICK HERE-Volleyball Tryout Form

1- ALL Players must wear a mask from their vehicle to the screening area at the gym.  If players arrive without a mask they WILL NOT be screened and will be sent home.

2-Players are to be dropped off in the faculty parking lot at the front of the gym and then they will walk down the stairs to the right and turn left and enter the doors to the gym. There will be a check-in table at the door.  DO NOT ENTER the front of the school. Once players have been screened by the coaching staff they will be allowed to go into the gym to participate in try-outs.

3- Players must bring their OWN water bottle.  Water fountains will not be open to drink from. Please remember to bring a person towel as well as towels cannot be shared.

4- Players are to social distance upon entering the gym as much as possible and where masks except when actively participating.

5- Players must be picked up in front of the gym in the faculty parking lot.  As we try to minimize players congregating together, please be on time to pick up players.  Parents will not be allowed to enter the building at all during this time, so please stay in your car.