Multiple Teams · Newton High School Cheer Tryout Packet 2020-2021

Newton High School


Important dates

Parent/Student Interest Meeting:

Interest Meeting for upcoming 9th graders & 1oth graders and those new to Newton High will be held on Oct1st, 2020 at 6:00 PM. Log onto, ID: 997 889-8997, Password: 9w30rm


ALL Paperwork due to Coach Mattox  on Oct 5th

Tryout Clinic (mandatory): Monday, Oct 5th & 6th– 4:00-5:30 PM

Try out Oct 8th @ 4:00 PM in the auxiliary gym( Small gym). Everyone must have on a mask on and practicing social distancing.

Tryout Day (mandatory): Thursday Oct 8th @ 4pm in the auxiliary gym  **Results will be posted on the Front Entrance door by 9:00, March 19th. Candidates chosen for cheer squads will be posted by tryout number.

PAYMENTS-  If your child makes the squad The first payment will be due  Oct 22nd $550.00 and 2ndpayment 11/19 $550.00

Make sure to read the rules and regulations and both you and the student must initial each section.  The package does not have to be notarized.  Teacher recommendations are not required. .

Dear Prospective Cheerleaders and Parents,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Newton High School cheerleading program! Please read over this packet carefully, as it contains important information regarding tryouts as well as information if you make the team.

We take pride in the cheer program at Newton High School and expect athletes to adhere to the rules. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the coaches. Attendance is mandatory at all clinic dates. Please speak with a coach if an extenuating circumstance prevents you from being present. This is very important. Tryouts are closed to family and friends. This is for the safety of all concerned. No videotaping of routines will be allowed. This will give everyone the same advantage.  Cheerleading candidates will be judged by a panel made up of cheer coaches and/or outside judge(s).  At no time will the scores be presented to the candidates, parents, etc.  The decisions are final.  Tryouts can be stressful, so it is important that all candidates get plenty of sleep, eat regularly, and stay hydrated.  Candidates should include a conditioning and stretching routine prior to and throughout tryouts to reduce incidence of injury.

Interest Parent Meeting for upcoming 9th graders & 10th graders and those new to Newton High will be held on Oct 1st, 2020 at 6:00 PM via Zoom.

.  At least one parent per candidate is required to attend.  (It is suggested the candidate and guardian fully read the tryout packet before the meeting.) 1st payment will be due at this time.

It is an honor and privilege to become a Ram Cheerleader, and your role in the squad should not be taken lightly. You are expected to be a student athlete which means you should be an example in the classroom as well. As a squad, we do much more than cheer at games.  We take part in community service, pep rallies, and we are also considered role models and representatives of our school. Please consider the commitment and sacrifices that will be made to be a part of this elite family of cheerleaders.  


Vanessa Mattox

Head Cheer Coordinator/Varsity Basketball

Varsity Football/ Competition Cheer Coach

Gina Jones/

Junior Varsity Football Coach

Shelby Hall/

2020-2021 Cheer Squads

There will be 3 cheer squads for the 2020-2021 school year.  Candidates will be able to state whether they want to try out for one or more squads on their application.  *Because cheer teams function as one unit, it is essential that all members be present at all events.  Please keep in mind NHS cheerleaders will be expected to participate in all of the sports listed within the squad.  There will be NO exceptions.  If you have a commitment that prevents you from cheering for one of the listed sports, you will not be able to cheer for that squad.

** THIS IS NEW FOR THE NEWTON CHEER PROGRAM. We will have a Varsity football/competition squad for 27 cheerleaders. 20 girls will be competition/football, and 7 with be football ONLY.

Varsity Football Spirit and Competition Squad (this functions as ONE team)

Varsity is open to candidates of rising freshmen to seniors
Candidates will be expected to cheer for both home and away spirit AND competitions, including play-off games. However, if a competition is scheduled the day after a football game or if the Spirit/Competition team needs more practice, the coach can make the decision to send the alternates and the 7 football cheerleaders.
Up to 27 cheerleaders will be chosen for varsity;
Tumbling is required to make the varsity spirit/competition squad (minimum of standing and running back handspring, but a standing tuck and round-off back handspring is desired) Tumbling is not required for the 7 football girls.

Varsity Basketball Spirit

Varsity is open to candidates of rising freshmen to seniors
Candidates will be expected to cheer for both home and away games, including play-offs
Up to 20-22 cheerleaders will be chosen (team may be split to cheer for specific boys/girls games)

Junior Varsity Football and Basketball Spirit

Junior varsity is open to candidates of rising freshmen to seniors
Up to 20-22 cheerleaders will be chosen.
Cheerleaders will cheer at all JV football and basketball games; home and away.
JV Cheerleaders will cheer the varsity homecoming game and the Pink Out Game


Varsity football spirit/competition squad

There will be a maximum of 27 cheerleaders.  Alternates for competition will not be announced until summer choreography.Rather, the squad members will be competing for the top 12-16positions in the competition routine.  The other cheerleaders will remain alternates throughout the rest of the season and will continue to cheer spirit.  


*The football cheerleaders will not be considered alternates


Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen can choose to try out for Varsity squad.  The skills for this team should include mastery of advanced building skills, jumps (including multiple jump sequences), tumbling (standing and running back handspring required; more advanced standing and running tumbling preferred), dancing, motions, and presence (projection/animation).


Please note, alternates are part of the competition team and are expected to attend every competition in proper uniform.  They are responsible for all costs, practices, etc. related to the competition program.


What you can expect during the season:

Workouts/ConditioningTuesdays/Thursdays during the school year (March/April/May) and summer months
Tumbling class once a week at a tumbling facility.
Home Camp @ NHS June TBD
Choreography camp @ NHS July 9-11 (TBD)
Practices – Three times weekly during the summer & tumbling class once a week & everyday during the week once school starts besides Monday (includes game day Fridays).
MONDAY IS FOR APPOINTMENTS. Do not schedule appointments the Monday before a competition.
Competitions (4 local, one region, one state – 6 total) – There will be very few Saturday mornings off during the season.  We normally leave early and return by early evening.
Fundraisers-we will take part in multiple fundraisers throughout the summer and next school year.  These are mandatory!
Participation in non- athletic events, such as open house, community events, etc.

Varsity basketball:

There will be a maximum of 20-22 cheerleaders.  Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen can choose to try out for Varsity squad.  The skills for this team should include mastery of advanced jumps (including multiple jump sequences), tumbling (standing tumbling preferred but not required), motions, dance, and presence (projection/animation).  Cheerleaders will perform a short dance so judges can assess rhythmic ability since basketball cheerleading demands rhythm.  


Please note, basketball cheerleaders are NOT a dance team.  We do not perform dances or dance routines.  Also, keep in mind that “chomping” or “cheer battling” is becoming prohibited by many schools.  In addition, GHSA is beginning to get involved in this process.  If you plan to cheer basketball to chomp, it is suggested you reconsider.


What you can expect during the season:

Practices – Twice weekly beginning late first semester (at the end of football season)
Fundraisers-we will take part in multiple fundraisers throughout the summer and next school year.  
Participation in non- athletic events, such as open house, community events, etc.

Junior Varsity Football and Basketball:

JV Football/Basketball will be comprised of freshmen through juniors.  The JV Football/Basketball cheerleaders will cheer home and away JV football games (August-October) and home and away JV basketball games (November-February).  The skills for this team should include mastery of intermediate building skills, jumps, tumbling(running and/or standing), and dancing, motions, and presence(projection, animation).



What you can expect during the season:

At Home Camp @ NHS June TBD
Practices-summer conditioning (two days a week) and weekdays once school starts (3 days/week until games begin, then 2 days/week)
Fundraisers-we will take part in multiple fundraisers throughout the summer and next school year. These are mandatory!


According to Georgia High School Association Policy:

~All students must have a current physical on file

~Have passed 6 of 7 classes

~Have been promoted to the rising grade

~Achieved a 2.5 grade point average on the last progress report

~Have excellent attendance (minimum of 85% attendance)


We will take part in many fundraising events throughout the school year and summer.  While most Bucket Drop Fundraising dates are listed, some fundraisers are still TBA – it is essential to note all cheerleaders will be expected to take part in fundraising.  Our program cannot survive without some very important materials.  We hope to reduce the cost to each cheerleader, but we are also expected to generate funds for the program to buy needed materials.  Anyone choosing not to participate in any fundraising event will be expected to provide the monetary equivalent of the funds expected from each cheerleader.  For example, if our goal for each cheerleader is to raise $50 for the program (like at Bucket Drops), cheerleaders may opt to forgo fundraising and instead provide the $50, or a parent may take their place during the fundraising event.  This will also be the case if the cheerleader cannot attend a fundraising event due to schedule conflict.

There will also be a mandatory fundraising fee.


Clinic: March 16th-19th from 3:45-5:30pm

Tryout Day: Thursday, March 19th (4:00pm) *No makeups will be provided, results posted at 9pm on front doors

Mandatory Meeting for those who make NHS Cheerleading: Thursday, March 26, Junior Varsity and Friday, March 27th Varsity @ 6 p.m. in NHS Media Center

Deposit Due:  March 27st $350 Late after March 31st. Pay on Go

Second payment: April 24th $350 late on April 28th Pay on Go

Third payment:  May 22nd $350 Late on May 26. Pay on Go

Final payment for competition ONLY: June 19th Late on June 23rd(remaining balance Paid to Coaches in Money Order ONLY

Final Payment for Competition: prior to Choreography

*If 1st  two payment are not paid by June 2, your cheerleader will not attend camp

Fundraiser- Bucket Drops dates TBA

Kiddie Camp: Date TBA  Little girls perform at Football Youth might game

Fitting with Varsity: TBD

Varsity & JV Summer Practices:  Will available the end of Marc

*Camp (Mandatory for both JV, Varsity Football/Competition and Basketball): June 16-18

Choreography Camp (Varsity Comp only, Mandatory): July 7-9   Stunt Camp June 24-25

Cheer Bonding Outing- Wildness in the Smokiest in Tennessee   June 19-20

*All dates are subject to change.  Please keep these dates in mind when scheduling vacations, appointments, etc.  Failure to attend any mandatory event will result in inability to participate. Jobs, family events, etc. will not be excused.  Cheerleaders are expected to maintain their commitment.  Please consider if you are willing to do this before trying out.   Initial that you have read and agree to the dates:_________             ___________

**Any cheerleader who chooses to depart the team, or who has been removed from the squad will not be given refunds of payments made.  The cheerleader will also be financially responsible for any items ordered or events scheduled prior to departure.  Failure to pay will result in a “hold” being placed on the cheerleader’s school account.  Students with “holds” on their account will not be allowed to graduate until payment is made.    Initial: _______     __________


Estimated Costs

Supplies and Equipment

Varsity Comp

Junior Varsity

Varsity Football Spirit




$375 (summer)

$225 (competition)

$75 (mandatory summer stunt camp)

$200 LC


$375 (summer)

$375 (summer)




$80.00: 1 shirts, one hoodie

& Cheer leggings


******$$100.00: 2 shirts, one hoodie

& Cheer leggings

Required Performance/Game Day Gear

Warmup Jacket: $95

Warmup Pants: $55

Competition bloomers- $22

Game bag- $75

Raincoat- $20




Spirit bloomers-$10


Cheer Slides- $30

Uniform rental- $150 (1 spirit and 1 competition uniform)

Uniform owned: $100

Warmup Jacket: $95

*Warmup Pants: $55

Poms- $20

*Game bag- $75

*Raincoat- $20

Spirit shoes- $65

Bows- $40

*Bloomers- $12

Cheer Slides-$30

Spirit uniform rental-$100

Sublimated Uniform: $90 (own)

Warmup Jacket: $95

Warmup Pants: $55

Game bag- $75

Raincoat- $20


Spirit shoes-$65


Spirit bloomers-$10

Cheer Slides-$30.00

Uniform rental- $100 (1 spirit)

Uniform owned: $100

Warmup Jacket: $95

Warmup Pants: $55

Game bag- $75


Spirit shoes-$65


Spirit bloomers-$20

Cheer Slides $30

Uniform rental- $100 (1 spirit)

Uniform owned: $100

********Sublimated Uniform $90

Camp Wear

$125 (3 outfits)

$125 (3 outfits)

$125 (3 outfits)

Athletic Participation Fee



Snack Fees

Varsity & JV  Football              $15.00    

Varsity & JV   Basketball        $20.00

On Both Teams- $35.00



Brand New Varsity Competition Cheerleader-1700.00

Brand New Varsity Football/Basketball- 1300.00

Brand New JV Cheerleader- $1210.00

Old Cheerleaders check  what they  need

Only new cheer members need to purchase items that are underlined (returning members only need to reorder if they don’t fit/aren’t in good shape.

Note: We appreciate your patience and support while we make final decisions on items.  Costs are subject to change during this process.  These are estimated costs and do not include meals,Senior nights, Banquet and bonding events ,etc.  This is why Fundraising are done during the season.

Failure to pay by due dates will result in the cheerleader being unable to participate.

Payments made within 5 days after the deadline will incur a $35 late fee.  No payments will be taken after the 5 day period, as squad dismissal occurs.

If dues are not fully paid by JUNE the respective cheerleader will not attend camp and will be dismissed from the team.



1. What to wear:

a. Something athletic and comfortable that fits you properly.  No jean shorts, etc.

b. No baggy clothing or too small shirts/shorts

c. Tennis shoes

d. Candidates will not be allowed to wear cheer materials from previous seasons/schools​​​during tryouts.  

e. On tryout day, all cheer candidates must wear a white shirt and black shorts.

2. No Jewelry or false nails:

a. Don’t get a new piercing before tryouts. You will need to take it out each day. You cannot tape it.

b. Nails should be trimmed to sports length (even with the skin of the finger)-no false nails(**If you make the squad – NO NAIL POLISH OR ACRYLIC NAILS ARE PERMITTED)

3. Hair must be in a secure ponytail and off the shoulders.  (**If you make the squad – hair is expected be pulled into a HIGH ponytail for games/competitions)

4. What to bring:


b. Make sure you EAT BEFORE COMING.

**Get a current physical on file before tryout clinics.  Physicals must be on the GHSA form.  You can pick up a form from the NHS athletic webpage- , or from

**Candidates will NOT be allowed to tryout without an updated physical, per schools rules.


Areas of Evaluation:

Candidates for tryouts will be judged on the following categories:

A cheer, chant, and dance that will be taught during tryout clinics
Tumbling (standing and/or running)
o For varsity football/competition, standing and running back handspring is the minimum required and will not receive points.  Any standing tumbling more advanced than a standing/running back handspring will receive additional points.  
Jumps- a toe touch is required, plus two other jumps of the candidate’s choice (herky, pike, hurdler, double 9, around the world, etc.)
Energy, spirit, attitude, presentation
Scholastic eligibility (copy of 27 week progress report must be turned in with application)



SERIOUS, CATASTROPHIC AND PERHAPS FATAL INJURY MAY RESULT FROM ATHLETIC PARTICIPAITON. By its very nature, competitive athletics may put student athletes (cheerleaders) in situations in which accidents may occur. Athletic competition can result in accidents, strenuous physical exertion, and numerous other exposures to risk injury.

Students and Parents must understand and assess the risks involved in such participation and make their choice to participate in spite of those risks. The obligation of parents and students in making this choice to participate cannot be overstated. There have been accidents resulting in death, paraplegia, quadriplegia and other serious permanent physical impairment as a result of athletic competition.

Newton High School athletes will be instructed in proper techniques to be used in athletic competition and in the proper utilization of all equipment worn or used in practice and competition. Student/Athletes must adhere to that instruction and utilization and must refrain from improper uses and techniques.  However, no amount of instruction, precaution, and supervision will totally

eliminate all risk of serious, catastrophic, or even fatal injury.  By granting permission for your Child/Athlete to participate in athletic competition, you, the parent or guardian, acknowledge such risk exists.  By choosing to participate, you, the student/athlete, acknowledge that such

risk exists.

If any of the foregoing is not completely understood, please contact the coaches or Athletic Department for further information.

Student Signature________________________ Date________________

Parent Signature_________________________ Date________________


I, _______________________, and my child ________________________, understand that he/she will be judged by a panel of qualified judges, and will be scored on the categories listed under the “Evaluation Procedure” headline.  We understand at no time will my child’s score nor any other cheerleader’s score be discussed or provided to me as the parent, my child, or any other individual outside of school officials.  We also understand that all decisions made by the judges are FINAL. If you disagree with the score, administration cannot intervene. SCORES ARE FINAL.

Student Signature ________________________ Date _________________

Parent Signature _________________________ Date _________________