Athletic Code of Conduct

Athletic Code of Conduct

Being a student-Athlete is a privilege that we hold in high regard and we expect you to do the same. Conduct is one of the most important aspects of the entire process.

As a vital part of Newton High School/Newton County School System, Athletes are expected to demonstrate appropriate conduct as representatives of the school/County.  They are expected to comply with school rules and procedures during athletic activities as well as during school.

Expectations of Student-Athletes

1. Remain in good standing academically, socially, and behaviorally.

2. Represent the community and NHS in a respectful, high-class manner and never bringing embarrassment to themselves, the team, the school, or the community.

3. Refrain from associations which may be detrimental to the team.

4. Develop and maintain healthy bodies through a rigorous off and on season conditioning plan as outlined by the coaching staff.

5. Be a positive role model, whose character, work ethic, and team spirit are beyond reproach.

6. Keep the team first.

7. Remain tobacco, alcohol, and drug free.

Dress Code

Student-athletes are expected to adhere to a higher standard as they represent not only themselves but the school as well. Each coach has the authority to establish his/her own code, within reason.


Under no circumstances is any form of hazing allowed. Team initiations are strictly prohibited.

Hazing occurs when the act is committed against a student or a student is coerced into committing an act that creates substantial risk or harm to the student or to any third party in order for the student to initiated into or affiliated with any school group, club, athletics team, grade level, activity, or organization.

Hazing includes but not limited to:

Any activity involving an unreasonable risk of physical harm including paddling, beating, whipping, branding, electric shock, sleep deprivation, exposure to weather, placement of harmful substances on the body, and participation in physical dangerous activities.

Any activity involving the consumption of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, or any other food, liquid, or other substance that subjects the student to an unreasonable risk of physical harm.  

Any activity involving actions of a sexual nature or the simulation of actions in a sexual nature.

Any activity that subjects a student to an extreme and unreasonable level of embarrassment, shame, or humiliation or which creates a hostile, abusive, or intimidating environment.

Any activity involving any violation of federal, state, or local law or any violation of Newton County School district policies and regulations.  

Activities Away From School

Student-athletes are expected to be positive role-models at all times and are to disassociate themselves from possible factors that could cause them to be arrested and prosecuted under local, state, and/or federal law. The NHS Student Code of Conduct, and the NCSS Board of Education Policies apply to all students – including athletes. In addition to the consequences that may be imposed for behavior outside of school, additional consequences may be imposed by the school and or school system.

Responsibilities of Athletes

In the classroom: Athletes are expected to become good students. A good student means trying to do the best with what you have and following all classroom rules.

On the field/floor: NHS athletes are expected to compete with a burning desire to win with honor, dedication, pride, and sportsmanship. Conduct outside the realm of sportsmanship and fair play will not be tolerated.

In the community: The conduct of an athlete is closely observed by many and it is important that an athlete’s behavior be above reproach. Appearance, expression, and actions always influence people’s opinions of the athletes as well as the entire program.  Once a student has volunteered to be a member of a squad, he/she has made a choice to uphold certain standards expected of all athletes. The way an athlete looks is of great importance. Therefore, proper dress, appearance, grooming and personal cleanliness are expected.

Subordination of self-interest to team values: Team goals must take precedence over individual desires. An athlete must have self-discipline and be willing to make personal sacrifice for the team goals.